Our funny friends shape the music group the Buffycats, that little kids enjoy everyday at Discovery Kids.


A show for pre school kids, based in music, with educational matters about inclusion, diversity, tolerance and above all, friendship. The group solve their own problems and its´ friends, while enjoy the adventures with no human presence. 


Format: 2 Seasons x 52 episodes each

Main Target: kids 3 - 5 year old

Secondary Target: kids 2 - 7 year old


Discovery Kids + Netflix + You Tube 

Master Toy Partner: WITTY TOYS


Social Media:

 Instagram @44CatsOfficial - 19.300 followers

 Facebook: @44Cats



 Original music in each episode 

 High technolgy - high quality show 

 Concept approved by families, also grannies!  

 Worldwide coverage 190 countries

 Toy line launch in 2021

Strategy Partners:

 Discovery Kids, high exposure and commitment.

 Netflix + 150M subscribers.

 YouTube +27M visits since launch - In Spanish + 95.000 subscribers.

 Master Toy: Witty Toys.

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