ANIMAL JAM is a secure and exciting online game park for kids who love animals and open air. The players create and customize their own characters and dens, chat with their friends, adopt pets and create an adventure team feeding their curiosity about animals and the natural world that surrounds them.


Core target: 6 to 11 years old.


Along with Jazzware, Animal Jam’s Master Toy we find the first products of Animal Jam in Argentina. A differential brand, that hasn’t ceased its growth, since the beginning.





 Nº 1 online gaming for kids.

 72M of worldwide users.

 Every 1.5 seconds a new account is created.

 Kids play approximately 60 minutes every time they log in.

 More than 130M of animal creations.

 6.397.123.467 on line chats in total in 2015!!!!

 Girls target from 7 to 11 years old.

 It was named the major and fastest growing game in the U.S. (SimilarWeb, 1/21/16).  

 Nº1 in online gaming for kids in the U.S. and also as educational online game for children.

 More than 6.5M monthly visits.

 Kids’ choice as the top game even upon the most popular children’s brands.

 It also counts with Apps, videos, interviews to scientists, short animated films, game tutorials and funny animal videos.