Dream Big World is a lifestyle brand created by Juan de Lascurain in 2004. His purpose is to inspire people to follow their dreams.


It promotes 5 messages:

 Discover your talent

 Dream Big

 Have faith

 Work hard and be giving


Juan started to paint and at the same time he developed the vision of what the brand is today, which includes a collection of more than 10.000 designs.



The brand also presents throughout different platforms:


 Media content.


 More than 10,000 designs and more than 30 licensed products in more than 8 countries.


 Anual festival.


 Positive media, conference and book content.


 The editorial content includes books, conferences, summer camps and retail stores along with hotels and resorts.


 DBW will open its own stores soon.


 DBW has licenses in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, France, Turkey, Poland and the USA. In partnership with Exim we have started a licensing plan in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.