Two strong Brands has join efforts

 KISS, the hottest music band of the World 

 Emoji™, the iconic Brand more representative 

Has join to give an incredible global licenisng program  


The music power and icon Magic together for a partnership 


Emoji™ dynamic Brand, expressive, full of color and a tendence Brand. 

Has 15.000 copyrighted ícons for Kids, teens and adults

6 billons of digital icons are used every day with people that wants to communicate. 

More than 600 licensees in more than 100 countries 


Into the 150 Top Global Licensors.


In January 2019 KISS will begin the World Tour 

Nº1 in the Global Record Awart Winning Group of all times

More than 100 Millons of Albums sold globally  

More than 150 licensees 


Target: Kids, teens and adults.

All ages are Kiss and emoji™ – the iconic brand.

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