Where fashion meets music!


Maggie is an American girl who wins a scholarship to the Fashion Academy of Milan, one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. This is a dream come true -- her life-long goal is to become a famous fashion designer.


Bianca is the daughter of a powerful Italian entrepreneur who is very active in the fashion industry. Bianca is expected to attend the Fashion Academy and put aside her true passion -- music.


The two girls meet at the Fashion Academy of Milan, and get off to a rocky start. They come from totally different worlds and have opposite personalities. But as they clash again and again, they get to know each other better and begin to understand one another.



Together, they put together a band, and learn to express their music talents along with a cast of fun characters.


All the students share a passion for fashion and music that will bring about friendships, competition, love stories, disappointment and most of all, dreams coming true.


Primary Target: tweens 9-14, kids 5-9


Soon on Nickelodeon.