GODZILLA, the iconic entertainment creature is back in theaters in 2019.

The story says that Godzilla is from 1954, having created more than 30 movies through the years. It is a pre historic monster that awoke cause a hydrogen bomb, whose power is due to nuclear radiation.


It is uncontrollable in front of the humanity and a huge threat: its power is gigantic and it is a natural disaster, which humans can not ignore and with which they have to deal.


The stories reflect the social problems of the real world, represented by Godzilla and the other mosters.

In 2004 it was its 50th Anniversary and won a star as being the character with more presence in the Hall of Fame.

In 2014 it was named by Guiness World Record as the oldest character of which successful franchises continue to develop.

Since the beginning, Godzilla attracts fans from all over the world, from its movies, books as well as its games.


In 2017 the character did a transition between new media and animation. 

Actually TOHO is producing the animated trilogy to be broadcast in more than 190 countries by Netflix.