Izak Zenou was born on the outskirts of Paris, where he moved as a teenager to study literature. It was in one of his classrooms, coincidentally, where he met Vareille, a teacher who shocked by his innate talent, encouraged him to pursue his art. Two decades later, he continues to appreciate it.


That’s how a17 year old brand minded, with a sharp and enthusiastic overwhelming direction to the furute Izak was born. In 1998, Izak moved to New York. The Fifth Avenue store Henri Bendel hired him as an illustrator, just after leaving Paris for Manhattan and he never stopped nor turned back...


IZAK has a special gift for capturing the pure essence that makes beauty, thanks to a sixth sense that simply cannot be learned.


For years the whimsical and witty Izak’s creations had led fashion to novel places. Their women are attractive, optimistic, self-confident, charming, feminine and modern-exactly how women themselves- idealize.


In the United States, Izak products are distributed by Target, Sephora, Apple stores, AT & T and Verizon, Macy's, Dillards, and specialty gift shops throughout the country.


The Primary Target brand is women oriented towards fashion between 14 and 35 years old. His works in watercolor convey a sense of freedom, autonomy, beauty, tenderness, companionship, friendship and education. Finally, it conveys everything a woman wants to be a part of.


As a lifestyle and accessories brand, Izak focuses on product categories that appeal to a young and fashion-oriented female demographic. The products stand for themselves while working in harmony with already existing market more neutral designs, giving a touch of color and fun to life. Embody good taste and design.

© 2016, Izak Zenou.