Paper comes to life in the incredible planet Origami!! This is the ‘‘house’’ of a wonderful origami animal community known as Origanimals. The "Awesome Four" or A4 is a team on a constant wildlife rescue mission.


Zoe Zebra is unique!!! Daring, playful, enthusiastic and very curious. Fiona Fox is an avid reader, loves books and sharing knowledge. She is very efficient and agile. Khye Koala is the engineer of the A4 team, he has a great talent for inventions. He is incredibly skilled handed for quickly finding solutions with paper. Ryan Rhino is the bravest and most energetic of the team, he loves making friends and go on new quests for adventures. The missions get the best out of Ryan. He is enthusiastic, confident and determined when it comes to helping the team. The A4 use their abilities with origami and creativity to solve problems and help the Origanimals in danger.


The new animated series for children between 4-6 years old full of fun colors, format and creative designs broadcasts daily through Direct TV, channel 321 – ZMOO with more than 4 transmissions per day in prime time.




Brand values:


 Improves self-esteem because things can always be improved. 

 Team work for problem solving.

 Stimulates children’s art and creativity.