The Pop Culture World of Pets Rock


Where Pets Meet Celebrities!


Pets Rock is the brainchild of a London based design duo, launched in 2008.


Pets Rock hit a chord with customers fascinated with its humorous take on pets and the cult of celebrity. 


Internationally product range quickly and organically grew to include pillows, greeting cards, apparel and giftware at trend spotting retailers such as Galeries Lafayette and Colette.


Each character is a real pet, photographed and brought to life using a digital program where each element is illustrated from the clothing to the hair, creating a unique piece of art for each character.


Licensees have gone 'barking mad' for Pets Rock


The attributes and the brand differentiation are ideal for products such as stationery, clothing & footwear and promotions.


• Over 50 licensees in more than 25 categories – from chocolate to homewares, apparel to tech accessories.


• A $50 Million + brand at retail and more than $10 Million in 2014!


• Over 1.5 million greetings cards sold globally.


• High end, trend leading and opinion forming retail placement – Kitson, Harrods, Urban Outfitters.


• Global footprint with PETS ROCK™ products sold in more than 73 countries.


• A social media star – picked up by celebrities and posted in their own social media – Psy, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Perez Hilton and Karl Lagerfeld have all featured PETS ROCK™ characters on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to fans in their millions!

Takkoda® and Pets Rock is a registered brand.