One of the most Spain famous Football club, and an internationally referent in this sport.

Globally presence and followers in each country, being loyalties to the Brand, regardless of the result of the team.

 + 116 country presence 

 + 9.800 products developments  

 158 global licensees  


Sport brands have had a growth of 4.9% in this last year at international level, counting with a total of 10% of the total of Licensing business.



 Confidence to the consumer

 Create an emotional bond with the consumer

 Conveys quality

 Differentiates from the competence

 Grow opportunities in new markets

The use of the brand and players is part of the aspirational for football fans. It offers infinite opportunities in fashion categories such as clothing, footwear and accessories, as well as in categories such as back to school, publishing, electronic products, babies, dinner, party goods and ride ons just to mention a few.


A differential brand for a competitive market is the best choice.