Exclusive for Discovery Kid, with support in You Tube, apps, website and games


A new Eone´s & Discovery pre school show is beginning  

Launch September 2019!


An original pre school show, where all the characters are bikes, are pure action, comedy and adventure.


Core target: Kids 3 - 5 years.

General target: boys & girls from 2 to 5 years old.


Bike-Style speed, stunts and rescue alongside fun-filled friendships that establish teamwork.

Ricky Zoom promotes friendship and teamwork, whilst fueling imagination with two wheeled stunts, fast moving bikes and inventive rescues.


Brand values

 Friendship and teamwork


 Family and community 

 Fun and play 


Ricky: is a rescue bike who loves to go fast. He is young, fun and always on the run.


Loop: is a dirt bike who just wants to have fun. He is the best bike friend you´ll ever need by your side! 


Scootio: is an optimistic “gadget guru”. A real problem solver, she´s the brains of the gang who´s a cheery force to be reckoned with!


DJ: is a rough n´tumble trike with a heart as big as his chassis. There´s nothing he can´t build or knock down.