Pop artist Romero Britto uses vibrant colors and strong patterns that radiate hope and happiness. He has been credited with the largest in the history public art installation in Hyde Park; as he has exhibited at the Carrousel Du Louvre museum in the National Society Hall of Fine Arts. 

The art of Romero Britto attracts everyone!


Romero Britto, renowned artist, has had a strong impact on our territories through various products and promotions have been launched recently to the market.


Joining this brand denotes a high taste for artistic beauty. We have a significant development in the line of stationery and its derivatives, as well as artistic, bags products, and promptly with a complete bedding line. It has also developed a limited edition of refrigerators specially decorated by Romero Britto who have been on everyone’s mouth these days.




 Optimistic expression.


 One of the first contemporary artists of his generation.


 Faith in the world around him.


 POP art subjects.


 Drawings with vibrant, fun and happy colors.


 Artist donates to over 250 charitable organizations annually.

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