Beware what you wish for!


Timmy is an 8 year-old child who has 2 Fairly OddParents: Cosmo and Wanda.


When an evil 16 year-old babysitter, Vicky, makes havoc, all he has to do is wave his magic wand to call his Fairly OddParents and they fulfill his desires.


The dream of every child, right? Wrong!


When Cosmo and Wanda "fly" to the rescue, normally they make matters worse !! With their powers, they make Timmy face real childhood obstacles.


The Fairly OddParents, are imaginative, powerful, fulfill desires and above all ... very fun!


Who'd love Fairly OddParents?

Children between 6 and 13 years old.


And why not, even the younger ones can have fun with the entertaining adventures of Timmy, while the parents enjoy the show with their children.


A series that has so many fans that airs daily both by Nickelodeon and Disney XD. It was a success in developing and merchandising and it’s an excellent opportunity for promotions. Points to a primary target of children 6 to 13 years old and is a brand both feminine and masculine! Safety pin!

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