It’s a group of characters created based on rare or endangered animals around the world to deliver the green environmental message in line with global trends on conservation of the natural world and our surrounding habitats.


These friends travel around the Earth and protect its animals and their environments. Each adventure has them meeting a new endangered animal species and confronting some sort of problem with nature.



Characterized by their big eyes, bushy tails and colorful soft fabrics, the 5 main characters YooHoo, Pammee, Lemmee, Roodee and Chewoo are joined by over 70 additional characters representing Endangered, Extinct and Extraordinary animals. 


The educational concept behind the high entertainment factor of this brand deals with important aspects of friendship, adventure, exploration, the environment and rare and endangered species.


Primary Target: Kids from 3-8 years old.


This series will be launching late 2017 for Cartoon Network.